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Good night!
Oh, how I have not been here ... real life was much, very much.
But another was Samhain, and I came back the spirit of a cold winter.

I sincerely apologize to all those who did not respond to comments and messages, or answered too late. I was gone from the site because of the circumstances of life, but not because the area is not important for me.

Now I gradually make out all my mail, and I will try to respond to everyone who has given me his time and attention. I hope for someone it would be more relevant. Once again I apologize for my sudden disappearance.

Sweating a little...
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  • Drinking: coffee
Good evening.

I long time was in an off-line because of travelling and problems with the Internet.
Would like to apologise to all to whom I could not answer in time.

Now communication is partially restored. By new year I hope to return virtual activity in completely norm.
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  • Drinking: tea
Oh! I hate russian social networking! And they always answer me in return.
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  • Drinking: Mate tea with lemon